A home based business developed almost 30 yrs. ago from a sister coaxing her brother into taking an upholstery class to re-upholstery a piece of furniture .  The sister had a lounge chair that was in rough shape.  So my father (James Kirk) helped her redo the chair to mint condition.  After many more furniture jobs, a love for cars started to take hold.  My father had that love for cars since he was a young boy, but as he got older and started driving his first car, a 1954 Chevrolet convertible, that love became stronger.  So while in the Air Force, stationed in Kansas, he upholstered his 1932 Ford pick-up.  A few more cars came after that but it was not until the early 1970’s that a friend talked him into doing his 1935 Chevrolet, and thus Kirk’s Kustom Upholstery was born.

Thirty years later the business is still going, passed on to the next generation.  I (Todd Kirk) took over the business in 2004.  I am 37 yrs. old and was introduced to cars at a young age by my father, who also taught me most of what I know.   My style of upholstery is a little different from my father’s but a lot of the old school ways are embedded deep.

The type of work that I do is an elegant high quality one-off custom interior in street rods, hot rods, street machines, pro touring, show cars, muscle cars, antiques, classics, trucks, bikes, and boats.   I am pretty much a one man show.  I do all cars interiors myself. I do have one employee, my sister who usually handles my odd jobs such as late model headliners, misc. seats, furniture, and other misc. items.  I hand make all items door panels, consoles, trunk panels, and arm rest, custom stereo installation, carpet, headliners, seats.  Interior kits can also be ordered.  I only use the best materials
such as wool carpeting, Austrian leather, ultra leather, suede, exotic hides, high grade vinyl, broadcloth and many OEM materials.  I also do my own metal work with aluminum bar stock, steel, sheet metal, and stainless steel cloth and mesh.

The average time frame on a custom interior is three to nine weeks depending on the custom work needed.  Cars must be complete before entering my shop. All interiors are done one at a time and fabricated to the personality of the car.

Much of my work has been featured in magazines such as Street Rod Builder, Trucking, Classic Trucks, Truck Builder, and Street Rudder.

I invite you to give me a call to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about your new or future project or make over.